2022 Kitchen Makeover Trends

Are you ready for a new year and a new you in 2022? After the last few years, we are 100% with you on this one. So, what can you do to give something special to everyone in your home? A kitchen makeover, we say! If health, wealth, and happiness are on your new year resolution list, here are a few good reasons why general plumbing from J Griffin Heating & Plumbing will help you achieve all three goals in one.

2022 General Plumbing Kitchen Makeover Trends Worth Investing

In 2021, kitchen design trends focused on more storage space, natural accent décor, and smart home technology. This year, functionality is going to be the on-trend element to watch out for. The best thing about this trend is you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars. Here are a few general plumbing ideas that deliver affordable functioning with sink workstations, smart appliances, and outdoor kitchen experiences.

  1. Sink Workstations

If you are like a lot of families during the holidays, you probably realized at some point you could use more space. While we can’t build you a new room, we can tell you about a few simple solutions to modify the space you already have. Especially if you have issues with not having a dedicated workstation space, it is time to invest in an adaptable sink workstation designed with your comfort in mind.

Sink workstations come in many different styles and designs, from basic plans to ones with all the accessory bells and whistles you could ever need.  Believe us when we say food preparations will be easy-peasy from here on out. Sink workstations come with single or double bowl stainless steel sinks, off-set drains, convertible sink to workstation conversion, and lots of built-in accessories you’ll love.

From cutting boards and colanders to rinse grids, mounting clips, and drying racks, today’s sink workstations are designed with a user’s comfort and ease in mind. Some convertible sink workstations elevate and flip to reverse their functions, so you can get rid of all the extras you needed the kitchen storage space for 2021. With a few general plumbing changes, you will go into 2022 all set for the year.

  1. Smart Appliances

While smart appliances were on-trend in 2021, we would be remiss in pointing out that the exception to the technology rule is that smart appliances only get smarter from one year to the next. Thanks to companies like GE, Samsung, and LG, they have been working on appliance system connectivity through communications accessible through your home or business’s Wi-Fi or mobile phone apps. So, if you are running late from the office and can’t start dinner or want to defrost your refrigerator or clean your stove, today’s smart home appliances can handle all those tasks and more for you on demand.

  1. Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are becoming trendier thanks to YouTube cooking shows like Big Chef Cooking. Their outdoor kitchen is what kitchen dreams are made of. With a built-in gas stove, a pizza oven, a gas grill, an island, a table, sliding glass door walls, and several amazing outdoor gadgets, what more could anyone want in life? If kids are looking for mom and dad, they will likely be in this outdoor kitchen following the Big Chef’s recipes. Outdoor kitchens are also perfect for adding cooking and grilling gadgets that make eating outdoors with family or friends a #Yummy idea for the 2022 #Foodie in you.


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