5 Things to Check in a Plumbing Inspection Before Buying a House

Buying a home is likely the biggest purchase the average person will ever make. So, it is critical to make sure this investment is the right one. There are a lot of factors to consider, but one of them should be the plumbing of the home. There are a number of parts of the home’s plumbing that can cost a lot in repairs. So, here are a few things to get checked before you buy a new home.

Test the Toilet for Hidden Leaks

Damaged toilet plumbing can cause significant water damage to a home’s flooring. Oftentimes, the previous homeowners are unaware that the damage exists; however, in some circumstances, they may install new flooring as a cheaper way to cover the damage up.

A toilet should be firmly in place and shouldn’t wiggle when sat on or shaken by hand. If it does, then the seal or flange has suffered damage. A plumber will know exactly where to look to find signs of water damage or leaks around the toilet.

Check for Discolored Water

A professional plumber will check the water for signs of discoloration, and if they find any, they will determine what caused it. This may simply be from work being performed by the city water services; however, in some cases, it may be due to contamination from inside the home’s plumbing.

Lead Pipes

Homes built prior to 1998 may have lead pipes. These are now known as environmental pollutants that can have a particularly severe detrimental effect on children’s health and development. It is important to have a professional check to see if any of the pipes in the home may still be lead.

Check the Sewer Line

The sewer line should always be carefully inspected prior to purchase with a video inspection camera. This will allow the plumber to visually inspect for issues that may come up down the line. This way, you can be aware of whether or not a sewage backup may be in the home’s future.

Test the Shut-off Valve

Every home will have a shut-off valve located somewhere that shuts off all water to the home. This is important to make sure the water supply can be turned off in case of an emergency such as a burst pipe. In order to test this, the shut-off valve should be turned off, and a faucet should be turned on. If the water continues to run, then a plumber will need to fix the issue.

Final Thoughts

It is always best to be aware of any issues with a home before making the purchase. Even if you do continue to make the purchase knowing of any issues will give you more leverage in making a deal. So, don’t skip this valuable step.

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