7 Gas Boiler Service and Repair Signs To Watch For In Winter

The first day of winter is December 21 and ends on March 19th, but you are already likely well into the heating season. After months of non-usage, your gas boiler can experience back-to-life stresses. If you have yet to have your annual HVAC maintenance check performed, here are the seven most common service calls we get in the wintertime for gas boiler service and repair that a unit that has not been inspected and well-maintained likely will experience during the winter.

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  1. No Heat

Gas-fired boilers have several important components that all need to be in working in unison and in good condition year-after-year. The problem could be minor, such as a flipped circuit breaker or a thermostat on the brink, or it could be something more serious, like leaky or blocked flue that can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Early detection will ensure no serious safety issues occur while lowering the cost of repairs.

  1. No Hot Water Or Leaky Valves

There are several reasons for not having hot water, such as with a thermostat or low boiler pressure. Leaks can be potentially serious when a valve or seal is broken. Our techs are highly trained to spot irregularities, so we can diagnose the problem and professionally repair it without inconveniencing your family or business patrons.  We’ll also look for aging boiler parts and corrosion to detect upcoming problems.

  1. Broiler Noises

Boilers from time to time make noises as water deposit build-up can lead to boiler issues that restrict the heat exchanger’s water flow. The result is the boiling sound that resembles a kettle on your stove coming to a boil. If you have hard water, it will reduce the shelf-life of your boiler. Other causes include low water pressure or a water pump failure. We will gladly flush the boiler system out any harmful deposits and check boiler parts, which is one of the greatest benefits of annual maintenance.

  1. Pilot Light Won’t Ignite Or Stay Lit

You should always see a blue-flamed pilot light on a furnace. If it turns another color or it goes out repeatedly, there is some type of mechanical issue that is preventing it from igniting. It could be an issue with the gas supply, the thermocouple, or deposits. Before you do anything, check the gas supply to see if it is getting to your boiler. If you are unsure, it’s imperative you call us so we can check all your gas appliances.

  1. Thermostat Issues

A thermostat can be tricky as most home or business owners think there is a major problem with a boiler when in fact it is commonly an easy issue like a thermostat.

  1. Frozen Condensate Boiler Pipes

Cold temperatures can affect boiler performance, so if you find that your boiler pipes have frozen condensate, you’ll likely receive a faulty code. The best way to fix this issue temporarily is to thaw the pipe where the ice blockage by applying warmth.

  1. Boiler Pressure

If you experience high boiler pressure, it is likely because the boiler has too much water and not enough pressure. If there is a water leak or a pressure valve is faulty, you could have low boiler pressure. We will start by looking for a water leak and then we can check other boiler parts to ensure they are working as they should.

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