7 Tips For Maintaining Your Boiler

Your boiler is often neglected sitting away in some corner of your home. But, there are some important reasons to make its maintenance a part of your schedule. After all wouldn’t you like to save money on your heating bills and prevent costly repairs? Well if so, here are some tips on how to keep your boiler running its best.

  1. Check for Leaks

Look for leaks or drips all-around your boiler, including the pipes. Also, check the pipes for signs of corrosion. If the pipes are corroded, they may start leaking soon. You may also want to consider a new boiler before the pipes start leaking.

While you are inspecting your boiler, check the pressure gauge as well. If the pressure is too high, your boiler may start leaking. So, you may want to have a professional check your boiler.

  1. Have Your Boiler Serviced Annually

An excellent way to keep your boiler running well and lengthen its lifespan is to have it serviced annually by a professional. This will ensure your warranty remains valid while your boiler is checked over for any problems.

If there are any problems, this will give you a chance to have them repaired before they turn into serious issues. This could save you a lot of money in the long run.

  1. Check Boiler Ventilation

Check around your boiler and make sure it is properly ventilated. Clear away any articles in the area to be safe as boilers can get hot as they run. Also, make sure it can be accessed in case it needs to be maintained or repaired.

  1. Insulate Your Pipes

To protect your pipes from damage in cold weather, it is a good idea to insulate them. Doing this also helps your boiler run more efficiently as frozen pipes make your boiler work less efficiently and could even cause it to break down.

Insulating your pipes doesn’t cost much and is easy to do. You can purchase the material you’ll need at a hardware store and then wrap your pipes. It’s easy and cost-effective.

  1. Look at the Boiler Flame

Check the flame on your boiler and see what color it is. If the flame is yellow or orange, you may have a serious problem; so, call a professional boiler repair service immediately. This indicates that the boiler is not completely burning the fuel, so there could be a carbon monoxide leak. Normally, the flame should be blue. You should also call for repair if the pilot light is out, as this problem could be due to your gas supply or an internal issue.

  1. Make Sure the Flue Is Accessible

Check the flue to ensure it can be easily accessed. Not only is this required according to government regulation, but you want to be able to access it should there be a carbon monoxide leak.

  1. Do Not Try Repairing a Boiler Yourself

If you suspect your boiler may be in need of a repair, don’t try repaying it yourself. Instead, get in touch with a professional repair engineer. They can safely and legally work with your gas appliances and help you ensure your boiler is working safely and efficiently.

Working with gas pipes and related appliances can be dangerous when done incorrectly. It can not only lead to fires or explosions but also more subtle dangers such as carbon monoxide poisoning.


Maintaining your boiler is important to keep it running both safely and efficiently. You can help ensure your system is properly clean, insulated, and working. When it comes time for service, though do yourself, your home, and family a favor and call a professional to help.

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