Celebrate Without The Stress Avoiding Plumbing Problems This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a joyful time filled with gatherings, delicious meals, and creating memories with loved ones. However, it can also be a period when your plumbing system faces added stress. Extra guests mean more use of bathrooms, increased kitchen activity, and potential plumbing problems that could dampen your celebrations. At J Griffin Heating and Plumbing, we care about your holiday happiness, so here are some tips to keep the festivities flowing smoothly.

  1. Be Careful with Kitchen Waste

Cooking delicious meals is a highlight of the holiday season, but it can also be taxing on your garbage disposal and drain. Avoid putting fibrous vegetables, grease, oil, and hard items like bones down the disposal. These can cause clogs or damage the blades. Instead, dispose of these items in the trash.

  1. Have a Plunger Handy

With increased bathroom activity, it’s a good idea to have a plunger in each bathroom. Sometimes minor clogs can be taken care of without calling a plumber, and a plunger can save the day.

  1. Educate Guests on What Not to Flush

Politely inform your guests to avoid flushing items like feminine hygiene products, wipes (even those labeled flushable), and paper towels down the toilet. These can lead to serious clogs. Placing a small sign and providing a trash bin near the toilet can be a discreet and effective reminder.

  1. Spread Out Showers

Having multiple guests taking back-to-back showers can overwhelm your water heater and your drain system. Encourage guests to spread showers throughout the day or evening. This ensures everyone gets a warm shower and allows the drains time to clear.

  1. Check Your Water Heater

Before your guests arrive, it may be wise to give your water heater a quick inspection. Look for any signs of leaks or corrosion, and ensure it’s working at its optimal level. The last thing you need during a busy holiday season is a malfunctioning water heater.

  1. Be Mindful of Decorative Placements

Holiday decorations can sometimes accidentally interfere with plumbing fixtures. Be sure that your decorations don’t obstruct access to shut-off valves or cover any vital plumbing components that you may need to reach quickly in an emergency.

  1. Schedule a Pre-Holiday Check-up

If you want peace of mind this holiday season, consider scheduling a professional plumbing inspection. A skilled plumber can spot potential problems before they become disasters, ensuring you have a carefree holiday celebration.

  1. Prepare for the Unexpected

Even with the best preparations, unexpected plumbing issues can arise. Having the number of a trusted plumber at your fingertips can be a lifesaver.

Enjoy the Holidays with J Griffin Heating and Plumbing

Don’t let plumbing problems become an unwanted guest at your holiday celebrations. By following these simple tips, you can focus on what matters most – spending quality time with family and friends.

If you need professional support this holiday season, J Griffin Heating and Plumbing is here to assist. From inspections to emergency repairs, we’re committed to helping you have a happy and hassle-free holiday.

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