Cold Showers, Anyone?

Imagine living in Massachusetts during the winter and waking up to take your morning shower, only to have cold water running from the shower head. You would become pretty hysterical, right? Hot water is essential for daily life and affects everything from cooking, bathing, heating your home, and cleaning. Since the water heater is so important, homeowners need to be on alert for any issues theirs may be having and make sure that they are responding quickly to concerns. Taking preventative measures such as regular maintenance will help ensure your water heater continues to function smoothly. It will keep your showers hot too!

Why is water heater maintenance important?

  • It makes the system run efficiently
  • It increases the lifespan of the water heater
  • It keeps you and your loved ones safe

What are signs of a water heater that is deteriorating?

  • Lack of hot water
    • If you only have enough hot water to take a shower, but not to do the dishes too, your water heater isn’t producing an adequate amount of hot water for the entire house.
  • Leaks
    • Leaks are a serious issue. You should turn off the gas running to the appliance or disconnect the electricity and then call for a professional’s help.
  • Abnormal water
    • If your water has a strange odor coming from it or is discolored, it could signal a problem. The discerning factor here is to test the water in both cold and hot settings. If the odors and discoloration are present in cold and hot water, it means there is an issue with the water heater. If the issue is only present in cold water, it means there is only an issue with the water itself.
  • Odd sounds
    • Loud bangs, boiling, or pops are never a good sign when they are coming from a water heater. These sounds could be contributed to a number of issues such as overheating of the appliance or burning sediment.
  • Weak water flow
    • A build-up of mineral deposits or sediment can cause water flow to become restricted inside the water heater and in pipelines, leading to low water pressure. The appliance will either need to be cleaned properly, or the pipes will need to be replaced.

What factors should you consider when deciding on the type and model of water heater to get?

  • Size
    • Different houses need different sizes of water heaters based on their square footage. Your water heater needs to be large enough to provide hot water to the entire house, but not so large that it loses its efficiency.
  • Fuel type
    • The type of fuel your water heater uses will affect its operating costs, efficiency, and even its size. Possible fuel options include natural gas, electricity, or solar energy, among others.
  • Budget
    • Everyone has a budget they need to work with. Keep in mind the cost of the appliance, installation cost, and operating cost. The fuel type and efficiency of the water heater will affect its operating cost.

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