Gas Boiler Installation and Replacement: Repair Or Replace?

With over thirty years of experience in gas boiler installation and replacement, J Griffin is the leading service provider in North Reading, MA, and surrounding areas. As winter is in full swing, it is important to ensure your home is fully equipped and prepared for seasonal weather, so here’s what you need to know about our gas boiler installation and replacement services.

Even if you are installing your first gas boiler in your home or business, there will come a time when you will want to speak with our experts about repairing or replacing it. So, here are a few gas boiler service issues you can request a service call at any time. Early inspections will ensure you do not ever encounter problems during the coldest of months or need to replace it too early.

  1. Maintenance Problems

It is important for gas boiler systems to receive routine maintenance to ensure that it is functioning safely and properly. Having a gas boiler routinely inspected can ensure reliability, but cleaning filters and replacing faulty parts will guarantee a longer lifespan.

  1. Dirty Furnaces

Another common issue is dirty furnaces. Dirty or clogged furnaces can restrict the airflow and put a serious strain on the furnace’s ability to circulate clean air properly.  This issue can also lead to larger winter heating bills because the dirty furnace is working non-stop.

  1. Wear and Tear

As with any system, a gas boiler system will suffer prob from wear and tear. These problems can affect normal airflow, overheating, and heat control-related issues.

  1. Electric Ignition or Pilot Complications

If a residential or commercial building is not heated properly, it could be an issue with an ignition and pilot control. An unlit pilot light can be due to thermocouple problems or gas appliance drafts and clogs. An electric ignition issue could also cause a major shutdown.

  1. Faulty Thermostat

A faulty thermostat can give unreliable temperatures and affect the ability of a gas boiler system to run properly. If it does not kick on at all, your appliance will not work at all.

  1. Heating Issues

Power and gas pilot lights can be causes of a furnace not working properly. Airflow and thermostat settings should be checked as well. It is also important to ensure that you have a gas boiler that is appropriately sized for square footage and the number of occupants.

  1. Frequent Cycling

Your boiler continuously cutting on and off, also known as short cycling, can be indicative of a much larger issue. Keep in mind that a regularly functioning boiler will cut on and off between three and eight times an hour and sometimes more than that, but a furnace cutting on and off in one or two-minute increments can be a warning sign that your gas boiler has a clogged line, improper airflow, or a bad thermostat setting.

  1. Boiler Not Turning Off

A boiler that continuously runs can indicate an issue with the limit switch, which may require the attention of a professional. It can also be an issue like a faulty thermostat.

  1. Loud Boiler Noises

A properly functioning boiler will not make abnormal noises. Squeaks, rattles and rumbling may mean mechanical malfunctioning, airflow restrictions. or a clogged burner.

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