Gas Boiler Installation And Replacement

Making the decision to purchase and install a new gas boiler is a major household decision as there are out-of-pocket expenses and the time required for property access. Homeowners often decide to research gas boiler installation and replacement before taking on such a task. So, we thought it would be helpful to answer some of these questions that increase purchasing powers.

How Much Does A New Gas Boiler Cost?

Cost is always a critical factor when needing a gas boiler, and the actual price for it will vary depending on size, brand, type, and model. According to Home Advisor, the national average is about $5147, but the prices range between $500 and $11,000. Of course, we recommend researching reviews as price tags do not always determine quality, longevity, or functionality. For example, you might invest more in your home rather than for a property on the market.

Just ask us for our recommendations or ratings. Also, we can quote you one price for both the gas boiler of choice and installation costs, so you know your bottom line before the service starts. Efficiency, shelf-life expectancy, and energy costs are important things for you to consider as well. Of course, a brand new installation may run more because of the need for wiring, lines, and ducts whereas a replacement typically only need proper maintenance, part repair, and servicing.

Where Is The Best Place To Put A Boiler?

You can install gas boilers in most areas in a home as long as it is room sealed and able to draw in exterior air and expel interiorly. We highly recommend not installing any gas appliance in or near living spaces because of spacing necessity. The most ideal place for a gas boiler would be in a laundry room. We do not recommend installing a boiler in the basement for safety reasons if you have liquid petroleum gas (LPG) as it does not dissolve when a gas leak is present. If you put it in the attic, you must add lighting, ladder accessibility, and board flooring for stability.

How Long Does It Take To Install A New Gas Boiler?

We know that time is valuable to a homeowner, so we work diligently, efficiently, and safely to complete a gas boiler installation and replacement. Boiler installation can take two to three days because of the need for lines and wiring. It only takes eight hours to complete the installation phase once the boiler is in place. Whether thinking about a new boiler purchase or a replacement, it will save you time if you request a boiler quote as we will gladly answer these questions. It will be valuable if you could provide in the description box on our website the type of fuel your home uses, type of property, and boiler type. It will allow us to serve you faster and efficiently.

Which Boiler Is Best?

There are many different gas boiler manufacturers to choose from, including Energy Star certified brands like Bosch, Carrier, ECR International, Energy Kinetics, HTP, IBC Technologies, Kenmore, Lennox, Navien, Olsen, Rinnai, Viessmann, and Worcester Bosch.

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