Gas Boiler Service and Repair: DON’T DIY

When something breaks, it’s normal to want to fix it yourself. Most problems can easily be repaired yourself, such as annual household maintenance, exchanging air filters, cleaning rooftop tiles, painting, or reupholstering. The key to this is knowing what to attempt based on your experiences and what to call specialists to handle tasks for you. Here are three DIY dangers of doing gas boiler service and repair.

  • Equipment Damage

One of the problems with having a money-saving conscience is that it can often lead to unintentional money costing problems, especially with something you have never worked with before. One of the most likely issues with DIY gas boiler projects is equipment damage that causes inoperability or failure. At best, this will lead to additional maintenance and repair needs and at worst could lead to a complete replacement of a gas boiler. Making any type of repairs can also invalidate your gas boiler’s warranty, so this will guarantee that you have to pay out-of-pocket for all future equipment repairs.

  • Gas Leaks & Explosions

Gas leaks are more common than gas explosions, but it is smart for DIYers to know that any type of boiler repair has the potential to lead to leakages. Gas leaks commonly cause property fires, injuries, and even death, so this is a primary reason to use a gas boiler specialist for all your repair needs. If you do DIY it, call 911 if you smell gas (rotten egg smell), hear air hissing, have a physical reaction to the gas, or greenery is dying. After the emergency response is over, call us to handle the repairs for you. You can also call us if you notice a higher-than-normal gas usage amount on your bill.

FYI: According to the NFPA, natural gas fires and explosions occur in about 4200 American homes resulting in about 40 deaths annually.

  • Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Carbon monoxide leaks have a reputation for being silent killers for a good reason. You can’t detect it, and it doesn’t cause a definite odor that is easily recognizable like gas leaks. Common symptoms are of carbon monoxide include dizziness, headaches, chest pain, vomiting, and confusion. Eventually, it causes death, which is why DIY projects are risky. Gas boilers have internal ventilation components to contain and remove carbon monoxide safely. When certain parts are damaged, torn, or missing, it causes carbon monoxide to escape into the open air, usually where the occupants of the property live.

FYI: According to the CDC, 50,000 Americans are hospitalized after being exposed to carbon monoxide and about 430 people die annually.

When To Call J Griffin Heating & Plumbing When DIY Projects Fail

Ask any DIYer and they will tell you that they never anticipate failure. Let’s be honest, with all the DIY YouTube and TikTok bloggers out there proclaiming that you can do all types of projects yourself, is there any real wonder why so many people attempt it? Our rule of thumb is to call us at J Griffin Heating & Plumbing before DIY projects fail, but this is often an afterthought when DIY projects go wrong. Gas is nothing to attempt a project or repair as it has real-world consequences that most cannot anticipate until after the damage is done. Our heating specialists work diligently to ensure everything is working properly.

With over 30 years of gas boiler service and repair expertise, we will handle any type of repair for you. Simply call our office at 781-520-1212 or visit