How old is your heating and furnace system? Are you weighing the value of a repair or a replacement every time your unit breaks down? It’s a fair question to think about as a property owner. While repairs are less costly than replacements for a single service call, an aging unit could require maintenance more often and eventually cost more than a new heating system. Here’s how to know if you should repair your heating system and when to purchase a new one.

  1. My Furnace Is Over 10 Years Old And Runs Constantly. Can It Be Repaired?

This is a great question. It’s important to keep in mind that a furnace can last on average about twenty years. A furnace that is running non-stop should be inspected for repairs first because it could be something minor like dirty filters causing it. We can provide you with accurate maintenance and repair information upon inspection, including the diagnosis and costs for the repair or a replacement. As a furnace’s lifespan is of importance after a decade, having routine check-ups will ensure longevity and prolong replacement for up to another decade. Just give us a call!

  1. Why Are My Heating Bills So High?

Have you noticed a spike in your heating bills lately? If you haven’t had a change in your routine, we recommend first trying to reduce your usage by lowering your thermostat by about three degrees. You can also rotate your ceiling fan clockwise to make cold air rise toward the ceiling while pushing warm air downward. If there are unused rooms, you can close the vents 90% to redirect the heat to other rooms. This will help you use less fuel because an area is heating quicker. Having a maintenance check so we can clean the filters and test the interior parts will verify their conditions.

  1. How Do You Maintain A Furnace?

You should clean the filters and vent grills annually to remove dirt from the furnace and room openings. You should also use a vacuum to remove dirt and debris from your venting system to improve efficiency. Performing weatherization can also help your home retain heat. We’ll be glad to maintain your furnace. Just give us a call for a thorough inspection and maintenance check as well as professional furnace advice.

  1. When Should I Replace My Gas Furnace?

Regardless of the appliance, you thinking about repairing and replacing, the industry rule-of-thumb is to consider replacing your furnace when repair costs exceed 50%. If your unit is not working, you see a spike in heating costs, smell gas, hear unusual noises, experience inconsistent heating, notice a build-up of dirt or debris, or see a yellow flame, you should think about replacing your furnace. We guarantee accurate installation and offer top-notch furnaces that will ensure you get the full lifespan.

  1. Does J Griffin Heating and Plumbing Repair All Brands And Models?

Are you tired of searching online for Heating & Furnace Systems Repair and Service Near Me in the North Reading or Eastern Massachusetts area but unsure if we can cover your brand or model? We have been serving our clients since 1981, so we a long history of providing full-service repairs and replacements for every furnace brand and model, including customized units, hybrid, and smart furnace technology.

Are you looking for ways to get a few more years out of your furnace, want to replace it, or want to save money by converting from oil to gas conversions, call us at (781) 521-2188 or at https://www.facebook.com/JGriffinHeatingandPlumbing/  to learn about how we can help you!