How to Fix a Running Toilet

A constantly running toilet can be very annoying and a big waste of money. But fortunately, it is generally quite easy to fix as well. There are three common reasons for this problem, and we will list these and explain how to fix them.

There are a couple of things you’ll need to do no matter which of the three issues you have. You’ll need to find the knob located on the wall behind the toilet that turns off the water and turn it to the right. Then, take the lid off of the toilet tank. Now, we will explain how to fix the three common causes of a constantly running toilet.

A Broken or Dirty Flapper

A flapper, which is the rubber part that stops the water in the tank from going into the toilet bowl can become dirty or even damaged or broken in time. If this happens, it may no longer seal the drain adequately. If this is the case, it should be cleaned or replaced. To do this, you should first drain the tank and remove the flapper from the chain. You can then use this flapper to find a replacement from a hardware store. After you buy a new flapper, you can reattach it. Then, you should refill the tank and test the new flapper to see if it works.

Float Needs to Be Adjusted

The adjustable float controls the level of the water in the toilet tank. If this float is too low, the toilet won’t flush very well. Whereas, if the float is set too high, water will go into the overflow tube, and the toilet will constantly run. There should be a mark on the inside of the back of the toilet tank to indicate the proper water level.

You should flush the toilet to see where the water level is. If it is too high, the float is too high and will need to be adjusted. Depending on the float, you will need to bend the bar connected to the float to adjust it or turn a screw or slide a clip to adjust it. You’ll just need to keep adjusting it until the water level is correct. Although you may find that the fill valve that the float connects to won’t shut off, in which case you will need to replace it.

Flapper Chain Needs to Be Adjusted

You may find the flapper chain has come loose, in which case it will just need to be reconnected. If this is not the problem, the chain may be too long or short. You can check by shaking the flush lever. If the chain is too short, the toilet will have water leaking into the bowl because the flapper won’t be sealed. However, if the chain is too long, it won’t open the flapper as intended when someone pushes the lever. This issue may require you to cut some of the chain off. If the chain has the float connected to it, you may need to adjust it so that it sits on top of the water.

Final Thoughts

A constantly running toilet wastes a lot of water and money and can be quite annoying as well. The problem is not very difficult to solve, and you will likely find it well worth your time to fix the issue. So, look at your toilet and see if any of the fixes listed above will solve your problem.

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