Plumbing Maintenance Services

Just about any residential or business dwelling has some form of a plumbing system that brings water into it.  Whether your home is more prone to clogs or the fixtures are aging, getting annual maintenance checks will help you repair or replace parts before breakage occurs. Here are seven preventive plumbing services that J Griffin Heating and Plumbing can check off your annual maintenance list.

  1. Drain Cleaning and Maintenance

Drainage cleaning and maintenance is a vital task that must be done annually to prevent water line breaks, stop waste build-up, and rid buildings of bacteria-causing odors. With a sewer pipe camera, we can thoroughly inspect the plumbing pipes and check for any damage, cracks, or clogs. It also allows us to check for plumbing part failures. Our techs can also fix issues the problems before they turn into unforeseen emergency plumbing replacement issues or more expensive household expenditures.

  1. Water Damage Checkup

Plumbing systems have the potential to cause water damage like building material deterioration, rising damp, mildew, and flooding. Not only is it costly for sewer clean-up spills, but if you have carpet or drywall that must be replaced, it can turn into a major plumbing disaster. Finding the potential causes of these issues through a plumbing checkup reduces the likelihood that you’ll have sewer backup and flooding.

  1. Kitchen & Bathroom Inspections

Unlike the ins-and-outs of a sewer system, annual maintenance checks should also include visual checks of the shower, tub, toilets, and sinks. Our plumbers will inspect the washbasin, water seals, floor grate, waste pipes, disposal system, and floor waste gully to ensure everything is clear and working properly for the next year of usage.

  1. Faucet Hardware Repair or Replacement

Do you know how much water is wasted with a dripping faucet? According to the EPA, one drop of water every second leads to a waste of 3,000 or more gallons annually. The EPA also found that a tenth of American homes lose 90 gallons or more each day. This equates to money being flushed down the drain. If you are like most budget-conscious household or business owners,  the cost of thousands of gallons of water is better spent elsewhere, such as plumbing maintenance or repairs.

  1. Shut Off Valve & Hose Bib Repair or Replacement

Just because your shut off valves and hose bibs are on the exterior does not mean you need to put off their maintenance and repair since part failures cause foundation damage. If your home has porous building material, it also lets water travel to the interior of your home, causing major flooding and mold remediation costs. Your hose bib also prevents water from remaining in the tap and causing cracking and freezing during the winter, so it’s an important element to have an inspection done.

  1. Slab Leak Inspection & Repair

A slab leak inspection determines if you have a plumbing leak under or around the concrete slab of a building. How do you find a leak under a slab? During our full inspection practice and procedure, we look for leaks and broken pipes. We will also perform an inspection and look for common signs like pooling, cracks, or higher bills.

  1. Back-Flow Preventer Inspections

A backflow preventer is vitally important to proper waste removal as it enables water to move in only one direction. It also prevents contamination from occurring. An annual inspection will ensure that your property is free of sewage backups.

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