Signs That Your Pipes May Have Tree Roots Growing in Them

Trees are a wonderful addition to every yard, adding both shade and a touch of nature. However, a tree’s roots may not be so welcome an addition when they cause havoc on your home’s sewage lines below.

Small leaks in your drain pipes can release humidity that can attract tree roots to your home’s pipes. These leaks allow the roots to enter, and the water and nutrients within can create an ideal environment for them to grow, damaging pipe walls and obstructing their interior gradually.

When tree roots in pipes are left unaddressed, they can eventually completely block up pipes and potentially cause them to rupture. It is crucial to protect the integrity of your home and pipes by identifying the signs that tree roots may be growing in your pipes.

Slow Drains

Slowly emptying drains are one of the most common and earliest signs that roots may have infiltrated your pipes. When tree roots grow inside your pipes, they will gradually fill up the interior blocking waste and water from passing through. This may be slow at first, but it will gradually become worse, and it is important to catch it early to minimize damage.

If you notice your drains are operating slower than they used to, or you notice odd gurgling noises coming from drains, then it might be a sign that tree roots have started to grow in your plumbing. This is particularly likely in older homes as well as those with trees growing nearby.

Frequent Clogs and Backups

In addition to slow drains, tree roots can catch material such as toilet paper and lead to frequent clogs and potentially backups into other drains in your home. If regular backups are an issue that is only becoming worse, this is a common warning sign of tree roots. Unfortunately, this issue will not go away unless it is professionally addressed.

Bad Odors

If your drains are emanating a terrible odor, then there is a high likelihood that tree roots are to blame. When tree roots catch material, it is often left there to rot, releasing unpleasant odors which will become worse if it is left to accumulate. Bad odors may also occur outside your home if leaks allow wastewater to escape your pipes into your yard.

Sinkholes in Your Yard

When tree root damage becomes severe, your pipes can suffer cracks and ruptures, causing water to leak into your yard. When the soil becomes saturated, it can cause soft spots and sinkholes in the yard. If you notice these issues, make sure to stay away from them and call a plumber to inspect for any issues. If the leak is severe enough to cause sinkholes, this could lead to issues with your home’s foundation as well.

Final Thoughts

Tree roots can cause severe damage to your home’s drain as well as potentially your yard and home. Tree roots can be a severe issue that will only grow worse with time. It is important to address these issues as soon as you notice any of these signs to minimize the damages as well as the costs of repairing your plumbing.

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