Signs Your Toilet Needs to Be Replaced

Toilets can last a long time. Your toilet could last over a decade, but it will eventually need to be replaced. Unfortunately, sometimes an old toilet will just break without warning. However, other times your toilet may show some signs that it needs to be replaced, thus giving you a chance to replace it before it is totally broken. Here are some of these signs.

Toilet Runs Constantly

If your toilet is running all the time, it probably has some interior damage, such as damage to the flapper valve or flapper. Replacing a flapper is easy, and they don’t cost very much. Although, you could find your problem is a cracked ball float, which could cause your toilet to overfill and run constantly. This could cause a high utility bill, so it is best dealt with quickly. These problems can be fixed, but if they happen frequently, you might be better off replacing your toilet.

Wobbly Toilet

If your toilet wobbles, it could cause serious problems. You’ll want to make sure all the parts of the toilet are tightened. Then, if you still have problems, it is likely due to the floor beneath the toilet. The toilet probably has leaks which have affected the floor. The best thing to do in this case is to replace the toilet, which will likely be cheaper than having it repaired. You will probably have to fix the floor as well.

Toilet Overflows or Clogs Frequently

If your toilet frequently gets clogged or overflows, it is probably time for a new toilet. These problems are often due to low water levels, which are often caused by old hardware in your toilet or clogged pipes. You might be able to have the problem repaired but replacing your toilet could be the easiest way to solve the problem, and it would be a long-term fix.

Cracks in the Toilet Bowl or Tank

Toilets are made from ceramic and can crack or leak, and if they do, it is a serious issue. The toilet will then leak, which can cause damage to your home. This damage could lead to mold and may even end up causing structural damage to your home.

In addition to cracks in your toilet causing leaks, your toilet could have deteriorating seals which could also cause leaks. In either case, it means you need a new toilet.

Toilet Has Trouble Flushing

This problem can be difficult to diagnose since there are so many reasons your toilet may not be working well. It is best, in this case, to have a plumber check the toilet to see what is wrong. If the plumber determines that your toilet has problems flushing, you may need a new toilet.

Toilet Is Too Old

Another reason you may want to replace your toilet is that it looks bad. When a toilet gets too old, it may look bad no matter how much you clean it. It may start to smell bad all the time as well. A new toilet could be just what you need to make your bathroom look and smell better.

Final Thoughts

There are many signs that could indicate that you need to replace your toilet. So, it is a good idea to watch for the signs we’ve discussed as well as any other problems you may notice. Repairing or replacing your toilet as soon as you notice a problem could prevent damage to your bathroom, thus avoiding more costly repairs.

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