Top 5 Reasons Oil To Gas Conversions Are Better Home Investments

Are you planning to remodel your home or want a more environmentally friendly energy option? Do you simply just want to update an out-of-date oil heating equipment to save money? If you are wondering about the value of oil to gas conversions, here are the top five reasons for them.

  1. Convenience

It is not unusual for clients to call us for emergency oil to gas conversions because they forgot to check the oil gauges during midwinter months. When it runs out, it shuts down everything from a home’s heating source and a water heater. You then must wait until an oil company can deliver a new supply to your location. If the weather is bad, it may be delayed by days. Gas does not run out, so it’s convenient.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

It’s no secret that gas is more affordable to buy than oil. When you add in factors like dated heating or water heaters, it will cost even more to make a house feel like a home. Over the lifetime of your gas appliances, you will save a lot of money when cooking on a gas stove, drying household laundry, and heating your home or water. When you calculate your return-on-investment, this is one that offers higher returns.

  1. Easy Upkeep & Maintenance

Gas companies merely rely on a distribution pipeline to bring gas to your home. A lot goes into oil delivery and contribute to a home’s carbon footprint. The company must first use gas to deliver the product in large trucks. There is usually also a large storage unit that is often below ground. A simple leak can pollute an entire neighborhood’s water source. The lines must also be maintained to prevent blockages. Why maintain a storage tank or risk polluting land when oil to gas conversions will lessen upkeep?

  1. Reliability

Just think about over the last few winters. Are you wondering if now is the time for an oil to gas conversion in your home? Unlike oil, gas is the most reliable option for household needs from heating to lighting or a hot tub. You only need the conversion.

After the first step, you won’t have to make any further upgrades or changes in your home. The gas appliances will run reliably and help keep your home feeling like one. You’ll also not worry about losing any heat or the ability to cook during emergencies.

  1. Health & Safety

Gas heating appliances do not need regular maintenance and upkeep as oil appliances do. Oil also causes health issues like a liver failure with long-term exposure to the fumes. Gas appliances also have safety features like shut-off valves to hinder leaks.

Gas also burns cleaner than oil and is safer for a home’s occupants. Even though oil and gas are both fossil fuels, the emission levels are significantly lower than oil and coal. Gas also emits about half the carbon dioxide that oil does, so it’s much safer.

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