Trouble Shooting Tips: What to Do When the Heat Stops Working

Winter is here and your heat kicks off and doesn’t come back on. Before you start to panic or throw your hands up and succumb to the cold, try these 7 troubleshooting tips. One of them might just get your heater back up and running.

Tip #1: Check the Thermostat

Sometimes the most obvious solutions are overlooked. If your heater isn’t blowing hot, take a peek at the thermostat and make sure it’s set to heat. A thermostat malfunction or cold-loving family member might have switched it off when you weren’t looking.

Tip #2: Change the Filter

This is more of a rule of thumb than a troubleshooting tip. Don’t wait for an issue to arise to follow do this. Change your filters regularly to keep your heater running efficiently.

Tip #3: Check the Gas and Pilot Light

Another simple fix. It’s easy for a gas valve to be closed or pilot light to go out without anyone noticing. Always check these two things before making a call to the repairman.

Tip #4: Clear the Chimney

Birds love making their nests in chimneys and all those twigs and sticks can block your exhaust flue. Remove any debris you see, or enlist us to do it for you.

Tip #5: Clear the Furnace Vent of Debris

If the intake or exhaust are blocked, your furnace will not heat properly. Check your vents and remove any debris you see there. Make sure you have your vents covered with mesh to keep them clear.

Tip #6: Clean the Drain Lines

Your furnace needs to be able to drain multiple gallons of water per day. A blockage can cause your heater to stop heating. If this drain is blocked with debris, use a mixture of bleach and water to clear it out.

Tip #7: Unblock Air Ducts

If you have anything blocking air ducts, like furniture or rugs, make sure you move it out of the way to allow the warm air to flow.

Bonus Tip: Avoid the issues listed above through regular maintenance.

A well-maintained system is more likely to run smoothly. Make sure you’re checking your system, cleaning filters and ducts, and conducting regular maintenance to keep your heating system healthy.

Give us a Call and Avoid Troubleshooting Altogether

If troubleshooting your heating system in the freezing cold while your family shivers and complains doesn’t sound like fun to you, don’t do it.

Keep your system operating smoothly with regular maintenance (and repairs when necessary) by J Griffin Heating and Plumbing.

We’ll keep your home warm all winter long by ensuring your system is in top operating condition. We’ve been keeping the Greater Boston area warm for over 30 years and can do the same for you. Call us at (781) 521-2188 to schedule maintenance or a repair. You can see more about our company and customer reviews on our Facebook page. Trust us to keep your home cozy and warm this winter.