When the Furnace Fan Continues to Run

Have you noticed that your furnace fan continues to run?  This is a clear indicator that something is malfunctioning with your heating system. It may be as simple as a thermostat setting or air quality as well as wiring or switches in the furnace. There are a few possible causes, so here’s when to call J Griffin Heating & Plumbing for a heating & furnace systems repair.

Check Home’s Temperature

To check to see what your home’s temperature is, simply turn down the routine setting on your thermostat to its lowest level. By doing this step, you are signaling for your furnace to turn itself off. If a home’s temperature is above the setting, it will shut off within a few minutes. This will allow you to tell if the thermostat is working properly, which indicates the issue is in the furnace.

Check Thermostat Settings

Before you schedule an appointment for heating & furnace systems repair, you’ll want to check your thermostat settings as it sends temperature signals about your desired heat. If the thermostat is on auto, the thermostat will signal the furnace to turn off, but it could take up to three minutes for the fan to shut off. Never leave the thermostat setting on as the furnace fan will never stop because of circulation. If the thermostat is set high, it could continue to heat the home. If you have poor weatherization, the heat could also be leaving the home as cold air enters. This type of issue would cause your utility bills to skyrocket because the furnace fan will never stop.

Check The Furnace Filters

If you are not changing your filters regularly, it could cause your home’s air quality to suffer as it blocks incoming and outgoing air from circulating properly. When a home does not meet the desired temperature setting, the fan will run since the filters are blocking the heat distribution. Once you exchange the air filters, heat will travel faster and build to the desired temperature.

Fan Limit Switch Complications

The fan limit switch activates the furnace fan blower by reviewing the burner assembly’s temperature, which activates the fan to cool the burners as the thermostat stops asking for heat. You can try to reset your fan switch to the auto setting by pulling the round white control button. If the furnace fan won’t turn off, the switch is either faulty or has been set to manual override.

Irregular Furnace Servicing Of Burners And Blower Wheels

If you fail to service your furnace regularly, dirt and debris build up over time. The burners and blower wheels must be cleaned to ensure proper functioning to keep the air quality at an efficient level. If the burners are malfunctioning, it could cause the furnace fan to continue to run to cool them down. Even when the fan is turning off and on, it’s important to have an annual check-up.

Our technicians will need to perform testing to determine the cause as well as the best solution. For a heating and furnace systems repair, give us a call (781) 521-2188 for a fast appointment or contact our experienced staff at https://www.facebook.com/JGriffinHeatingandPlumbing/.