Few things are quite as gross and frustrating as a clogged toilet, but it only gets worse if it keeps happening.  The fact is that a number of different issues may cause a toilet to clog frequently, from using too much toilet paper to plumbing issues and even an older model of toilet. But armed with the right knowledge, you may be able to diagnose the cause of a frequently clogged toilet on your own, so let’s look at some of the possible causes.

Older Model of Toilet

In many cases, older models of a toilet, particularly early low-flow models, may be more prone to clogging. In order to solve this issue, replacing your old model with a new toilet will be necessary. Newer low-flow models are better designed to be just as efficient while preventing frequent clogging. If in any doubt about whether a toilet may be at fault, a licensed plumber can be contacted to determine if a toilet may need to be replaced.

Too Much Toilet Paper Usage

Most people don’t realize the sheer amount of toilet paper they use. The average American throws away roughly 27 pounds of toilet paper every year, and most people use several sheets each and every time they relieve themselves.

However, the fact is that most experts recommend only using one sheet every time. Even if you may go a little more than this, try not to use too much, or else your toilet may not be able to handle it.

Blocked Toilet Trap

Every toilet uses an s-shaped toilet trap which can become easily blocked by non-flushable items, improper installation, or cleaners that result in buildup. Even a partially blocked toilet trap can easily catch toilet paper and waste, leading to frequent clogs. These blockages can be difficult to clear fully and may require attention from a licensed plumber.

However, you can try loosening certain types of blockages with dish soap followed by hot water. If this doesn’t work, a plunger to the toilet auger may be needed to try and remove the blockage.

Blocked Toilet Vent

Another type of blockage may be at fault, and this is a blocked toilet vent. Every plumbing system requires airflow to allow the pressure in the system to stabilize whenever water drains. This vent generally exits out the roof of your home and can become clogged with debris, animals that crawl in and become trapped, or other improper installation or maintenance.

In order to solve this, it generally will require a trip up onto the roof, which can be dangerous for those unfamiliar with this type of work. Then a long snake tool or a hose can be used to try and eliminate any blockages.

Issues With the Main Sewer Line

If every drain in your home seems to be clogging or running slowly, then the issue could stem from issues with the main sewer line. Unfortunately, these problems typically cannot be solved by a homeowner and require professional attention. These issues should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent far more serious problems such as sewage backups.

Final Thoughts

A number of issues can result in toilet clogs, and it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause on your own. The above issues are some of the most common causes, and it is possible you may be able to solve some of these problems on your own. However, if the problem just keeps seeming to come back, don’t hesitate to call a licensed plumber to diagnose and solve the issue once and for all.

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